How to use the Bluetooth call feature of the Smart Bracelet?

  • When the phone’s Bluetooth and the Bracelet APP are connected to the smart bracelet at the same time, the watch can make and answer calls, store contacts, and save call records. Also, contacts can be uploaded to the watch through the APP.

How to use the local music playback on the smart watch?

  1. Playing music: Touch or tap on the main interface to switch to the music playing interface. There are three ways to play the music function of the watch: watch music, mobile phone music, and connect headphones. Watches with watch music can store local music and play it through mobile phones, or select the mobile phone music mode to play mobile music directly.
  2. Music download: You can use a dedicated charging cable to connect the watch to your computer, and copy the downloaded music file to the watch.
  3. Connect the headset: click on the Bluetooth headset, search for the device, and click connect.

What’s the difference between heart rate and ECG?

  • Heart rate refers to the number of heartbeats per minute. Normal people have a normal range of 60-100 beats per minute when they are quiet and awake. Auscultation of heart is used to determine the speed of the heart rate, the strength of the heart rate, etc. The Electrocardiogram (ECG) mainly reflects and records the electrical activity of the heart, thus essential for the diagnosis and analysis of various arrhythmia and conduction disorders. An examination method can replace the role of ECG in this regard.

How to use the ECG detection on the smart watch?

  • Press and hold the front electrode on the ECG test interface. The 3 electrodes (2 at the bottom of the case) needs to fully contact the skin for testing. The test report can be viewed in the APP.

How to use the temperature detection on the smart watch?

  • Switch to the body temperature test interface to enter the real-time monitoring of the body temperature. The test data can be updated to the APP simultaneously, and there is a test report.
    Note: When testing the body temperature, the temperature at the bottom of the bracelet must be in full contact with the skin (test after 10 minutes of wearing). The body temperature test will be affected by the environmental temperature difference.

How to use the breathing (respiration) rate detection on the smart watch?

  • Switch to the breathing rate interface to enter the real-time detection of breathing rate, the detection data can be updated to the APP simultaneously, and there is a test report.

Why can’t I push call information or content?

  1. Android Facebook/Twitter reminder permission acquisition: When the user turns on the Facebook/Twitter reminder switch for the first time, the APP will get the corresponding permission. Check the program in the APP to get the corresponding permissions.
  2. IOS call Facebook/Twitter reminder service permission acquisition: When the user turns on the reminder switch, the system will automatically pop up a pairing request, and the user only needs to select the pairing.

Precautions for using smart bracelet:

  1. Do not use an adapter with a current over 2A. Charging time is around 2-3 hours.
  2. Do not charge after the device was water damaged.
  3. This is an electronic monitoring product, data received from it cannot be used as a medical basis.
  4. Blood pressure testing tip
    a) Keep your body relaxed and still while testing.
    b) Keep device at the same height as your heart, and do not speak or talk while you are doing the test.