smart watch for wear

When you are facing with a variety of smartwatches from different brands, you finally choose a watch that you like, but you may be confused “What smartwatch size should fit me” ?

One important factor that must be considered when choosing a smartwatch is the watch-to-wrist ratio.

The best way to tell if a watch fits your wrist and hand is to try it on, and what if you buy it online?

First step: Measure your wrist size

You should use a tape measure or soft string to measure your wrist (which should be tightly wound) just behind the wrist protruding bone. Please be noted it must be the wrist where you want to wear the watch. Everyone’s left and right wrists are generally different in thickness.

Second step: Determination of watch size

For example, If the measured wrist size is 160mm, then a watch from 32mm to 40mm is suitable for you to wear because the case index ranges from 4 to 5 is the most suitable, if it is less than 4, the watch is too big, if it is greater than 5, the watch is too small.

Calculation formula: the result of dividing the diameter of the watch by the circumference of the wrist is called the case index. For example, If the diameter of the watch case is 38mm, and the circumference of the wrist is 160mm, divide 160 by 38 = 4.2.

Third step: Find the best watch size per below chart

A case size of 34mm–40mm is recommended for women’s watches and 40mm–46mm for men’s watches. Watches with 38mm–42mm cases are unisex sizes now.

No one formula will perfectly fit your wrist. However, the above tips can help someone who doesn’t know how to choose the most suitable watch.